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Excellence in Motion: The JFG RACING Team

by RickLee on February 20, 2021 Categories: News

Experienced, Competent And At Your Service:The JFGRACING Team

We have Management, marketing, IT, customer service as well as the technical development, assembly and company warehouse: The JFGRACING team knows what's important. And supports you actively in finding and buying motorcycle parts online. Fast processing, quick delivery as well as a competent customer service are our top priorities.

Our customers profit from the continuous development of new products that make driving even more comfortable. The experienced team makes sure the customers find exactly what they are looking for.

Company Development

Company was founded on 2015 year, and we were selling our products on Ebay in the beginning, and then we start our B2B on AliExpress ( 2016 year) ans Amazon ( 2017 year), and we also seeling the products on Alibaba ( 1688, Taobao), wish, lazada , joom shoppe, and Jingdong ect. we developed a lot of top selling shops on B2B website.

In just 6 years, our sales performance upgrate from 0 to 120 million, we are young company, and our company's employees are also very young. We are innovative and dynamic company and team.

Our postive feedback on B2B website total over 96%, so we can offer you a tustworthy cooperation.


Overseas Warehouse

We have the warehouse in US, Spain and Russia. We often send Thousands of tons of goods to the Amazon and ebay warehouse and to the US, Spain and Russia ( AliExpress warehouse) every week, and we often deal with the order about dozens of pieces goods on B2B website. Therefore, we have some experience in the handling and transportation of large and small quantities of goods.You can trust our service and product quality.



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